Actress, Temitope Solaja and Debankee fight dirty over actor Itele

Nigerian actresses, Temitope Solaja and her friend actress, Adebanke Adeyeye better known as Debankee allegedly fight dirty over their colleague, Ibrahim Yekini aka Itele.

Debankee, Itele and Temitope Solaja

Itele who was once linked to actress, Temitope Solaja has been alleged to be dating actress, Adebanke Adeyeye better known as Debankee.

To worsen things, Debankee is Temitope Solaja’s friend.

According to gistlover, Debankee has been uploading intimate videos of her and the actor which Temitope Solaja got wind of.

Temitope had cautioned Debankee from the actor especially knowing that she also dated him and only left hil because Itele’s wife had got wind of their romance and had threatened to kill herself.

However, Debankee rejected Temitope’s advice and fired back at her and things escalated between the two.

Read details below:

Hello tueh tueh otun ti zeh oooooo, una see wetin pr*ick go cause Ehn , pri*ck sef no go fit settle the matter 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂all these Nollywood gehs with married men Na like 5&6, set Awon small paps😂😂 so Na like this the matter take happen Temitope solaja and Actor itele been Dey kna*ck , the news cast gan then wey be say itele wife later hear about the matter wey that one begin Dey cr*y say if tope no leave her husband she go commit sui*cide, naso Itele and Tope end their relationship then ooo( not sure if they did sha ) long story short tope solaja sha relocated to the US and was doing pretty fine with her life ooo, not until recently wey one of tope friend , another actress upload video of herself and itele in one tight corner 😂😂😂😂naso tope see am come vex oooo, she come challenge the girl say why you Dey do his kind thing , you know say this guy Na my ex, why the lovey dovey with him?, shey Na like that I Dey do with your own Ninalowo or Joseph Joromi ni, apparently there has been news say Na itele new catch be this Debanke girl and people been Dey talk am for back , but posting that kind video further confirms it for Tope, naso the matter turn yam pepper scatter scatter ooo, wey Tope carry the screenshot give one of their mutual friends come report the matter to that one , naso that one send am to another person , like like play the matter don finally reach headquarters ooooo, wetin men want ? Una go get fine wives for house still Dey carry side hen up and down 🤮🤮🤮🤮 so as Tope expect say Debanke go apologize but instead that one too fir*ed back 😂😂😂😂naso them begin dra*g themselves like yamaha generator(I pass my neigbour ) me I sha Dey wake with my two left legs that day naso i see tope solaja status oooo wey she Dey rant like rantata😂😂😂😂naso i screen record am ooo before you know it’s I begin dig like digging deep then fiam, I got the genesis of the wahala from my findings oooo, all these olosho parading themselves as Actress and ruining homes , wetin be una gain gangan ??? Baba Latin be like una no Dey check this people well before una bring them in, wonti fi obo ati oko da industry ru oooooo, egbawa ooooooo, i come in peace

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Actress, Temitope Solaja and Debankee fight dirty over actor Itele

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