Watch as Rita Daniels confronts daughter, Regina Daniels for stealing from her (VIDEO)

Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels has had a heated exchange with her mother, Rita Daniels after she stole from her.

Rita Daniels confronts daughter, Regina Daniels for stealing from her
Rita Daniels confronts daughter, Regina Daniels for stealing from her

The actress who is in her husband’s hometown in Delta had paid a visit to her mother’s house and had taken some of her clothes.

An infuriated Rita confronted her over her constant habit and love of stealing her clothes and accessories despite being married to a billionaire.

Rita Daniels revealed how Regina and her husband, Ned Nwoko visited her home and took away some of her fashionable items.

Regina tried defending herself as she stated that she has the right to take from her mum.



Her mother, Rita countered her as she stated that Regina was now married and only had rights in her husband’s house.

See the conversation below,
Rita Daniels : You are a billionaire wife, pls I beg you in the name of God, at this age you are stealing from your mother?

Regina Daniels : I only stole this leggings and this shirt

Rita Daniels : Is that the only thing you stole?

Regina : Okay and one gown

Rita : The funny part is that you came with your husband to steal from me without my consent. I have CCTV camera in my room. I saw everything. I didn’t expect this from you

Regina : It’s my right, if I want something, I take it

Rita : What right? Which stupid right? In your husband house it is right and not in my house. By now you should be giving me not taking from me”.

Regina Daniels shared the video on her Instagram story as she laughed off her mother’s harassment.

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She captured the video with, “Can someone just tell my mum to stop insulting me!!!”.

On a happier note, news recalls Regina Daniels was taken aback when her mother, Rita Daniels credited her account with 5 million naira for her to have dinner.

Sharing screenshot of their chats, Regina Daniels revealed how her mother had surprised her with the huge gift she gave to her.

From the screenshot, the actress and her mother were chatting when her mum asked for her account number.

Regina who thought her mum was joking didn’t oblige to send her account details, but her mother’s persistence made her give in and Rita Daniels sent her daughter a whopping 5 million naira.

A bewildered Regina asked if she was supposed to get something for her mother with the money but Rita stated that it was for her to have dinner.

According to Rita Daniels, it is a mother’s gift to her daughter and also she felt in her heart to give her daughter the money.

Overwhelmed by her love, Regina affirmed her love for her mother.


Rita Daniels confronts daughter, Regina Daniels for stealing from her

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