“There Will Be Scarcity Of Boyfriends & Husbands In 2023”- Uriel Oputa

BBNaija reality show star Uriel Oputa has advised women to stop talking about how good their men are because husbands are going to be scarce in 2023.

Sex Will Be A Reward For My Husband And I After Marriage" – BBNaija's Uriel  Oputa | Kanyi Daily News

Uriel Oputa laid down some rules saying telling people about your relationship, how good your man is and what he did for you or how he makes you feel in entangled circumstances isn’t necessary because she just saw that husbands will be scarce in 2023.

Uriel wrote:

screenshot below;

According to Uriel Oputa, she just saw in 2023 that boyfriends and husbands will be scarce as sapa is going to dry love and you should shine your eyes and grease your pot by hiding whatever he’s doing for you now by crossing your legs and enjoy.

This message from Uriel Oputa is to the ladies that tell their friends or anyone who cares to listen about what their boyfriends or husbands are doing for them just to spice them or make them look good as these ladies might be envying the little thing you’re enjoying.

“There Will Be Scarcity Of Boyfriends & Husbands In 2023”- Uriel Oputa

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