How to apply for Australia Tourist, Visit or Business visa in Nigeria

Do you desire to visit a friend, go on vacation or attend a conference in Australia? Then you must apply for Australia tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria. And if you want to have a successful application, you must know the visa application requirements.

How to apply for Australia Tourist, Visit or Business visa in Nigeria

This article focuses on all you need to know about Australia tourist, visit or business visa application in Nigeria. Please read on.

What is Australia Tourist, Visit or Business Visa?

As a Nigerian visiting Australia for friend/family visitation, tourism or business, you need to get a visa. Depending on your purpose of visit, the Australian immigration authorities have established a befitting visa category for you.

A visit visa (for visiting someone in Australia) could be valid for up to six months while a business visa (for attending a conference) can be valid for up to four years. However, none of this visa accommodates your employment desires. Therefore, you cannot apply for the tourist, visit or business visa if your wish is to work in Australia. Also, this visa category cannot be used for studying in Australia.

If you to apply for Australia student visa, please read our guide on how to apply for Australia student visa in Nigeria.

Who can apply for Australia tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria?

Anybody willing to get Australia tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria can do so as far as they have all the required documents for the visa application processing. It is also important to follow all the instructions and guidelines instructed by the Australia visa authorities to ensure a smooth application process.

In recent times, many Nigerians are seen traveling to different parts of the world either to study, for business or just for holiday. You can always go to the Australian visa application centre in Lagos or Abuja to process your visa. Also, take note Australian visa is not restricted to a certain set of people, age group or tribe. It is open for everybody who is sane, law abiding and with the required documents.

What are the required documents to apply for Australia Tourist, Visit or Business visa in Nigeria?

The major reason why many Nigerians get their application for Australia tourist, visit or business declined is because they fail to present all the required documents. The following are vital and important documents that will help you make the process of the visa application easier and also help increase the chance of getting approved

– Passport: You will need to show an original and valid Nigerian passport with a validity period of at least 6 months. People with passport with less than 3 months validity period have a lesser chance to get their visa approved.

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– ID card: You are also required to present a photocopy of a valid ID card. It can be any other ID card but it is not really compulsory since you have your Nigerian passport with you.

– Cover letter: It is important that you provide a cover letter explaining your purpose of trip and travel plans within Australia. Click HERE to get support for your cover letter for Australia tourist, visit or business visa application.

– Invitation letter: If visiting Australia to attend a conference or visit a family member or friend, it is vital that you submit an invitation letter.

– Flight reservation: Flight reservation document bears the airline name, date of arrival and departure in Australia. This is also known as flight ticket reservation. You can order for your flight reservation here 

– Hotel reservation: If you are not visiting a friend, then you must present a document showing your stay plans when visiting Australia. Hotel reservation is confirmation document stating the name of hotel, hotel phone number and hotel address. It is important that this reservation is valid, original and verifiable. The embassy will call the hotel to confirm that your reservation is valid. Please click HERE to order for your hotel reservation.

– Photographs: You will need to present two recently taken photographs with your face showing clearly on it. It may be taken on a plain background.

– Proofs: There are some necessary proof certificates you will need to show at the embassy during the process of your visa application. You will need to present a proof of status, medical check report and bank statement. The bank statement must be issued by a recognized financial institution mostly banks.

– Biometrics: All visa applicants staying in Nigerian will need to provide their biometrics which includes fingerprints. For more on biometrics requirement information, you can visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

How to Apply for Australia Tourist, Visit or Business Visa in Nigeria: Step by Step

There are two ways you can apply for Australia tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria. You can use either the online or offline method depending on the one that is most suitable for you.

Online Method

1- Fill Online Application Form

Open an ImmiAccount and fill all the necessary spaces in all the online forms appropriately.

2- Upload your data.

Scan and attach all your documents to your online application. You should also attach your recently taken passport photograph. You should also provide certified copies of your documents. Finally, submit all documents with your online application.

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3- Book an Appointment with TLScontact

TLScontact is in partnership with the Australian government to render services to Nigerian applicants traveling to Australia.

TLScontact offices are in Lagos – Etiebet’s Place, 21 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja, Lagos.

And Abuja – Third floor, El-Yakub Building beside Metro Plaza, on Plot 1129 Zakariya Maimalari Street, Central Business District, Abuja, Nigeria.

4- Capture Your Biometric Details

You can then go to TLScontact office to get your biometric details captured. After you have submitted your online application and have paid the visa application fee, a Transaction Reference Number (TRN) will be issued to you. This will help you track the visa application process.

Payment for your Australian visa application can be done online through trusted third party financial platforms like PayPal or BPAY. You can also make use of your credit/debit card but note that you may be surcharged for the transaction when you make payment with your card.

After you have uploaded all the documents and paid for the visa application, a Transaction Reference Number (TRN) will be issued to you. The TRN is required by the Department of Immigration and Board Protection when you wish to communicate with them.

Offline Method

1- Download and Fill Application Form

You will first need to download and fill the application form for Australia tourist, visit or business visa. Click HERE to download this form now.

2- Book an Appointment with TLScontact

The next step will be to book an appointment to proceed with the Australian visa application centre (TLScontact).  Click HERE to book and appointment with TLScontact Lagos or HERE to book appointment with TLScontact Abuja.

3- Submit your application

Then you can submit all the necessary documents alongside your signed application form. They will also capture your biometrics details there. You would be required to pay all the fees at the center. Note that only cash is accepted at the application center.

4- Await Embassy Decision

Once the payment is completed and your biometrics is registered, you can now wait for possible approval.

The online method is easier compared to the offline method but you must ensure that you can do it well or employ the services of a professional to avoid any type of mistake. Also note that Australia tourist, visit or business visa application in Nigeria is processed at the Australian High Commission located in Pretoria.  You can contact them to check up with the progress of your visa application.

How to Book interview appointment for Australia Tourist, Visit or Business Visa in Nigeria?

You can book your appointment for Australia tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria on the TLScontact Visa Application Centre’s website. You can book an appointment for the next day. You should take note that the availability of the appointment might change during high season. Visit TLScontact Lagos website or TLScontact Abuja website to book your appointment.

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FAQs on how to apply for Australia Tourist, Visit or Business visa in Nigeria

You need to be armed with the relevant and vital information to ensure the success of your visa application. Here are answers to some vital questions on how you can successfully apply for Australia tourist, visit or business visa.

How much is Australian visa fee?

The price of an Australian visa varies depending on the type you want. When you are applying for Australia tourist, visit or business, you should budget about AUD 560 for those above 18 years while AUD 350 should be budgeted for those below 18 years.

How can I get Australian visa application form?

The application form for Australian visa application form can be downloaded on their official website. The form is named form 1419.

What is Australia visa processing time

What causes delay in the processing of your visa is when you do not provide the required documents or when you do not adhere to the instructions given to you. You are expected to adhere strictly to all the instructions given to.  Know that the processing of application can take up to a month.

How do I track Australian visa application in Nigeria?

To track your Australia visa application, you will need to use a Transaction Reference Number (TRN). You will be given the TRN once your application is approved.


You can apply for Australia tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria with ease. Ensure you carefully follow the procedures highlighted above. And get all the necessary documents to increase the chance of getting your visa application approved.

If you have not taken our free visa eligibility test, we advise you take the test now in order to properly plan your application.


How to apply for Australia Tourist, Visit or Business visa in Nigeria

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