How to apply for Israel Visitor Visa in Nigeria

Whether it is short-term tourism, pilgrimage, business meeting or study in Israel, an Israel visa application is needed. Although there are so many types of Israel visas that may be applied for, the Israel visitor’s visa is appropriate for the aforementioned purposes for visiting Israel.

How to apply for Israel Visitor Visa in Nigeria

Israel visa application in Nigeria is not as difficult as it seems, let me take you through the procedure for the application of Israel visitor’s visa and see for yourself.

What is Israel Visitor’s Visa?

Israel visitor’s visa is issued to people who intend to stay in Israel for a short while – it is usually valid for three months. Also called ‘B/2’ visa, it is only but a type of the different Israel visas. Other types are Immigration visa, Temporary Resident visa, Student visa, Clergy visa, visa for spouses and children, and Work visa.

How to Apply for Israel Visitor’s Visa

Step 1:

Download, print and fill visa application form. The form is available at on the Israel embassy Abuja website at

After filling the form, you are to schedule an appointment by sending the filled form to An interview date will be sent back to the same mail box that was used to send the form. The next step list the other documents you are expected to come with on your appointment date.

Step 2:

Take the following documents to the Israeli Embassy between 10am and 1pm, from Monday to Friday:

  • Original and photocopy of passport which is valid for more than six months from application date.
  • Original and photocopy of visa application form
  • Bank statements for the last three months.
  • Confirmation for hotel reservation in Israel: In the case where you have no one to invite you, you will need a valid hotel booking as proof of accommodation arrangement. Your hotel booking should be valid and should be verifiable if the embassy calls the hotel. Many hotels will cancel your booking once payment is not received within 24 hours after booking, this could lead to visa refusal. Also, we would not encourage spending lots of money to book hotel when you have not received your visa. We have a solution for the hotel booking which you should see in order not to fall victim. Read our Hotel Reservation + Flight Reservation for visa application post
  • Flight booking or reservations: Read our Hotel Reservation + Flight Reservation for visa application post
  • Two 5x5cm passport photographs.
  • Other documents:
  • Applicants traveling with children (minor) must present their birth certificates.
  • Other applicants must present proof of purpose for visiting Israel.
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Click here For Israel Embassy address.

You may need clarifications concerning this post. Do not hesitate to ask for them and I will take my time to answer to the best of my capability. Regards!

If you have not taken our free visa eligibility test, we advise you take the test now in order to properly plan your application.


How to apply for Israel Visitor Visa in Nigeria

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